While we love getting to meet urgent care issues, we know that our patient's healthcare needs go beyond the services we provide on site. The resources below can help ensure you get the care you need. As always, feel free to call us or visit one of our clinics if you have questions or want to talk to someone for more information on what your best next step for healthcare might be!



Our clinics are run by Watermark Community Church. As a local church aiming to serve our city we strive to care for the entire person- not just the physical. Our church is equipped with many resources to help serve you in all life stages or situations. From ministries for teens, to recovery ministries, to divorce care, to marriage help- we hope to connect you to a place where you can be known and cared for long after you leave our clinic. Use the links below to find a ministry that might meet your needs at Watermark. If you would like for someone from the church to reach out to you about our ministries you can fill out this form here.


Primary Care Physicians are a great resource to have someone maintaining your ongoing healthcare needs. Things like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid issues, etc require a Primary Care Physician. Our facility does not offer any of this kind of care, nor do we do disability or social security physicals. If you are looking for these services, use this list to find a primary care physician nearby that you can utilize! 


At our clinic we can help with extractions of teeth that are infected or broken and are causing pain. This is the one service we offer that requires an appointment. We know that sometimes it can take a few weeks to be seen by us, and you might need help before then. use this referral sheet to find other dentists if needed prior to when we can see you. Also, we do not offer services like cleanings and restorative work but locations on this list do!


Our clinic can assist with urgent care women's health issues like UTIs and pregnancy checks. Things like mammograms, pap smears, abnormal bleeding, and birth control prescriptions cannot be seen at our clinic, but the lists below have options that may be able to serve you in this area! 

Note pregnancy resources available on site.



We do not have any pre-emptive immunizations on site. The attached list has a number of options in Dallas, Collin, Denton and Tarrant Counties. If you have had an injury or animal bite that you think requires a tetanus shot, we can help with a consultation to determine what is needed. For TB tests for employment or immigration status, the Dallas County health Services, listed on the front page of these referrals can help. 


If you need a specialist for rheumatology, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and orthopedics the attached list can help! Urgent care issues related to these areas can be seen at our clinic. if you have questions and aren't sure where to go on topics like these we would be happy to see you and help point you to the next steps. 


We will gladly see little ones at our clinic for urgent care needs (cough/cold, infections, minor injuries). We encourage every family to have a pediatrician for yearly assessments, tracking growth, and to answer any questions for your growing child. Use the resources below to find a pediatrician that can work for you and your family.


For eye complaints related to possible infections, allergies, or medical concerns we'd be glad to see you and have our providers discuss how we can help. We are unable to help for anything related to vision, eyesight, glasses or contacts fittings, but the following resources may be able to provide you the needed resources in your area.