Interested in COVID-19 Testing?

We now have walk-up testing available at our two clinics. In addition, we provide pop-up drive through testing in areas of high need around DFW.

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For the last 7 years we have partnered closely with QuestCare/Envision Physician services to launch our medical clinics and provide excellent medical care. For those with insurance, their offices will be able to guide you towards the best steps for your healthcare needs. 


A telehealth visit will cost $49.

Testing will be $70. 

Running your insurance (either private or medicare/medicaid) should cover all of it. 


For the last 7 years we have partnered closely with QuestCare/Envision Physician services to launch our medical clinics and provide excellent medical care. To determine if you need testing, they are available to provide a telehealth visit plus testing at the self-pay costs listed below.

A telehealth visit will cost $49.

Testing will be $70. 

For those with the ability to pay the amounts above through your self-pay system, the QuestCare/Envision offices will be your best step for access to testing services.


For the last 7 years Watermark Urgent Care has provided urgent care services via 12,000 patient visits a year to the uninsured and underinsured of DFW. Today is no different.

If you do not have insurance or are unable to afford the self-pay rates, we've got you covered. Your first step will be to call our clinic and speak with our staff. They can help you determine the best next step for your needs. Please refer to the calendar here for information on clinic hours or call our Skillman Clinic for more information. 


If you are able to afford the self pay rate, please consider leaving these services for those that have a true need. You can also find ways to donate to make this available to more under-resourced individuals below.


Who should consider initiating the process to be tested? 

You should discuss testing with our staff or your primary care provider if you are mild to severe symptoms consistent with COVID-19. An updated list of these symptoms can be found here.  You might also choose to get tested if you are experiencing symptoms or have been around someone with a known exposure to COVID-19 in close quarters for longer than 15 minutes. 

Do you have a testing site?

We used to have a centralized testing site at Watermark Community Church, but in early September we have closed that site and taken testing to the clinic level. We always knew there would be a day that made more sense, and with the current public health situation in Dallas, testing at the clinic level is a better use of resource. If the public health situation changes again in DFW, we will continue to flex and are open to adding a centralized site again if needed. To access testing at our clinics, please call them first to get help discerning your best step.

What will I need in order to get tested?

We know there are a variety of reasons someone may be interested in COVID-19 testing. At our clinics, we do not require insurance, and ask only for a $10 donation to contribute to services. For COVID-19 testing, we suggest you call before coming to the clinic. If you are experiencing symptoms, our staff will help you schedule a TeleHealth appointment with a provider. At the core of quality healthcare is a strong patient/provider relationship. It can be tempting to think a test is a fool proof way to know what to do regarding your healthcare and all you need is a positive or negative result. However, it is much more complicated than that (see our FAQs about the accuracy of testing and benefits of testing). By working with a trusted healthcare provider you’ll be able to have someone to answer your questions about testing, help you navigate what to do with the results, and even help you determine if a test is needed. Sometimes your symptoms can be treated without a test being needed. Your provider will help you navigate the best solution for you based on your unique needs and situation.

If you do not have symptoms, and are requesting testing for other reasons like a positive exposure, our staff may direct you to receive testing via our nurses visits in the evening. Please call the clinic for further information. Even with this method, you will still always have the opportunity to discuss your results with a provider if you have questions.

More questions about testing?

We're here to help.

Wondering how the tests work? What kind we have available? If testing is even helpful? These are all great questions, and we're happy to answer them.