We take serving seriously. Our clinic functions because at our core, we are the body of Christ meeting the city's needs. We have intentionally created space in our schedule and staffing needs for volunteers to play a key role. You won't be doing busy work here. Every single task a volunteer helps with is crucial to making the clinic run. God created His church with a diversity of skills and gifts and personalities. At our clinic, you'll have ways to be deployed  in your gift mix towards the common mission of serving the people of our city.


Our clinic is designed to be a welcoming and inviting place. Volunteers that serve at the front desk are the first to greet and get to know our patients. Those that thrive in this role are hospitable, friendly, inviting, and detail-oriented. After greeting guests and helping them understand our processes, you'll get them checked in for their visit, and host the lobby. YOU are in charge of making a great first impression for the clinic.


Volunteers in this role tend to the physical conditions of our patients by conducting patient intakes, administering medication, running tests, and discharging patients while also caring for them emotionally and spiritually during their time here. As such, these volunteers must have a medical credential (RN, CNA, LVN, EMT, Paramedic, MA, etc) and be willing to serve with compassion and excellence. YOU begin the relational part of the visit.


Our mission involves making sure we’re addressing spiritual care in addition to physical needs. Pastoral Care volunteers play a crucial role making sure we have engaged in a spiritual conversation in every room. These volunteers also help provide biblical counsel and pray with patients in rooms. Due to the sensitive nature of this role we require that volunteers start in front desk or nurse/tech first. YOU keep us mission true!


Patients are walking in our doors discouraged hurt and searching for help. Providers that serve with us have the opportunity to facilitate the medical care our patients are searching for. Patients that don’t usually have access to services, can receive excellent healthcare in a context where they feel loved because of volunteers that serve in this way! YOU make this possible.


 Many of our patients require follow up needs with specialists or a PCP. If you are a provider and your medical specialty isn’t the best fit for urgent care services, you can still serve our patients and support what happens here at the clinic through your office! This team of consult and referral doctors receive our patients for low cost or no cost services. We also have specialists come in for continuing education opportunities for our mid-level staff. YOU help expand our services for ongoing care.


To make the clinic run, a significant number of administrative tasks must happen each day. We need your help to make sure operations can happen without a hitch. Those that serve in this role help with computer work, cleaning, handling patient followups and coordinating events. There are a number of ways you can help!


We see God write some pretty impressive stories within our four walls and we need your help re-telling them. Photographers, artists, graphic designers, videographers...there's a role for you to play as you help us document what God is doing and share with the church and our city the impact He's making here.